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Welcome toEndre's fish page
Page last updated on 05.09.2015

Here on this page you can read about fishing, watch nature photos, fishing photos, see small cutscenes.

Is there anything that does not work or you have any questions send me an E-mail
You're welcome to write in my Guestbook So I know that you have been trough.
Delicious info says about fish was taken on wikipedia. Only the info about the fishes are taken there. Not fishing methods.

pollack 7.2 Kg

Lyr fisket på agn

It is fished with mackerel as bait.

Update: What's New:

I have placed all that is going into the archive.
All updates that stood here its in the archive under the update log

Update: what comes:

The coming New pictures soon :)
I have plans to change ferries at home.
New things to read.
more about fishing.
Will soon try to publish Email page again.

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