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Fishing with spinner

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What is spinning?

Spin ottoman are devouring the main spoon rotates around the drain axis.

What a spinner really mimics, nobody knows. The fish seem in any case that spinners are festive hunting objects and react accordingly.

Therefore, it is made a number of different variants of this type of drain.

They come in all sizes from 1 gram to 40. Extra large spinners for trolling at sea is not sold in Norway.

Picture of a Spinner


Rod and spinner.


This is easy to attach only spin-one on sena..så simply throw UTI :) It's wise to throw on vak / jumps you look and go in with the same when it hits water over flaten.Viss you do not get on fishing so you can change the color of the spinner-en there are many ferries and pattern that you can choose from.

Good luck !

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