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Fishing with lures

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What are lures?

Herring Baits are lures that mimic small herring and sprat, or other small prey.

Sildeslukene is usually molded from a heavy metal alloy, preferably rich in tin or lead. The outer layer is then treated with varnish. They are easy to fold and can withstand normal higher speed than happen hatches.

Original Jensen Pirker

Sildeslukene may be used for nearly everything:
The small editions under 10 grams are good imitations of the trout's prey. Sea requires some major issues. Extra heavy versions (> 100 grams) is used as jigs on handlines.

Hørgård stickleback

Popular herring lures are Jensen Pirker, stickleback, Elbes Atom herring and ABU Krill.

Herring lures The major problem lies in the surface treatment. If the base metal in the gully easy calling, losing ytterlakken quickly attached and then falls off. Back has a gray gully, which might still catch fish, but do not look further attractive.

Original Jensen Pirken

Hørgårds stingsilda

Rod and lures

This is easy. Attaching only drain the Senate so it is just to throw into the water :) Certain you can not fish on a color then it is just to try a new ferge.Det are lots of ferries and patterns to choose from.

Good luck !

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