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Fishing with bait

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When I fish with bait as there is a hook and sinker. You can also buy pre-suspension in a store.

You can choose whether you want sinker or hook appeared sena. The bait may be mackerel, shrimp or other fish.

You take the bait on the hook and throws out. And let it go to the bottom.

You can choose to leave it in peace or whether to go late into.

I believe that the best is and leave it slightly and then pulling it slightly and then let some.

It's the best way, but it may be that the fish you have lost. do not bother and bite, then you can leave it and entice the fish. For illustrated fish host annoyed enough, it will take the bait finally.

You need to know what kind of fish you are looking for items:

Catfish does not mackerel, where you must use either raw or cooked shrimp with shell.
But the catfish bites sei.

All other fish takes mackerel, but the mackerel used must not be smoked or cooked it must be raw mackerel, but it can be frozen it does nothing.

Good luck!

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