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Fishing Pollack with bait

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Lit info about Lyren

Pollack can be up to 130 cm long and 10 kg +.

The missing beard line and is undershot. Sideline is dark and clear.

The arches marked down during the first dorsal fin and this can be used to distinguish the lyre of saithe has a right and light sideline.

Pollack is widespread northeast Atlantic, from northern lt Morocco to Finnmark in Norway and Lt. Island.

It is most abundant around the British Isles. Pollack is also recorded in south lt Baltic Sea. In Norway it all along the coast, but are most common along the western and southern parts.

Pollack found from the surface down to 200 meters deep and is bentopelagisk.
Thrive over hard bottom often found close to land.

Lyren feeds mainly on other fishes. It can also take crabs and shrimp. Lyren gather in shoals during the spawning season. Spawning occurs in the spring or early summer.
(source wikipedia)

Image of Pollack.

How to encrypt fishing for Pollack.

Certain to fishing for Lyrså must first find a space. Where there is Pollack.
Pollack can find almost everywhere.

Sinker, hook, and bait (mackerel or shrimp)

Fishing method:
This is only a light through time, attaches search and cranny of the Senate and takes the bait :) so you just have to throw into the water to rightly expecting enormous at nap.

Good Luck

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