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Fishing mackerel with herring

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Some info about mackerel

Mackerel (Scomber scombrus) is a pelagic, fast-swimming fish in summer and autumn in dense shoals along the coast and out in the Skagerrak, the North Sea and the southern Norwegian Sea.

Young specimens are called pir.
Europe is mackerel divided into two main populations; a vest for the British Isles and another in the North Sea and Skagerrak. The mackerel fished in the North Sea, Skagerrak and the Norwegian Sea belongs mostly the western stock

In 1989 it was taken ca. 280,000 tonnes of mackerel in this area, of which only 1 percent were North Sea mackerel.

Towards the end of the year wandering the mature part of the stock of the North Sea and the spawning area west and southwest of Ireland, where spawning begins in March. The fishery takes place primarily during the summer.

The vessels used vary from boats that use nets and trolling lines along the coast, to large ocean-going seiners. Mackerel is a popular food fish.
(source wikipedia)

Image of mackerel

fishing mackerel

I fish big mackerel herring but you can also get small mackerels.

You take a hook attaching herring hook you must not have a sinker on when drops herring gets fast. You throw out the hook with herring on you just let the sinker late down. you have to pay attention getting when fish takes so take it very fast. I have almost lost a pole gets eg not supplied with this.

Show you do not have herring can use small mackerel strimler.Eller small horse mackerel (Tagg mackerel) and shrimp attaching the same way you attach herring.

I have fished this way for many years I think that it is very good way to fish mackerel.

I have experienced that I've got more mackerel one dei fishing with lures and flies.
Dei has asked what is it I fish with

Good Luck!

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