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fishing herring

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Some info about herring.

Herring is a fish in the herring family. It can be up to 40 cm long, and has a dense body with big shiny scales and large forked tail fin.

The herring is a typical schooling fish, which mostly feed on plankton, and then mainly small crustaceans. It spawns in February-March, when the water has just the appropriate temperature and salinity. It is one of our most important food fishes, with a plethora of applications.

The smallest herring (5-10 cm) called mussa. When it is about 1.5 years old, it has a length of approximately 13 to 19 cm, and is called blade herring. After 2.5-4.5 years herring adult (20-30 cm long), and called fat herring. Feit Herring evolves into spawning fish that spawn in the shoals, then wander out into the ocean to an area between Iceland and Spitsbergen.

Winter herring fishery
Winter herring fishing is fishing for herring (so-called herring) coming in to the west coast to spawn. One knows this fishery already from the Norse period. The herring have come and gone at irregular intervals. And, at times, been caught as far south as the Swedish coast. In 1940, several of the war years was about half of herring caught in Rogaland.
(Source wikipedia)

Photo of herring

fishing herring

There are many ways to fish herring.
But I use lures and homemade flies.

I use small hooks to the flies. But it is possible to use small hooks cranberries.

You create a suspension of 5-10 flies on.

You throw out and small jerk trust in the Senate so after about 5-10.sek. scroll slowly. with some small stops. It is not easy to fish herring.
You just have to try and try until you get it right.

Good Luck!

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