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Fishing garfish

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Some info about Garfish

Garfish (Belone belone), also called beak herring, a fish garfish family.

It resembles mackerel pike, but lack dorsal and anal fin. Horngjelens bones are green, due to the non-hazardous aqueous iron phosphates vivianittHorngjel can be up to 90 cm with a weight of about 1kg.

It is common along the North-west coast of Africa and north to Trondheim Fjord, also appears in MiddelhavetI Norway is the plain along the south coast in the summer when it comes into the coasts in May to spawn and are considered mackerel precursor. As mackerel is the shoal, outside spawning time roaming the adults around freely in the open seas in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.
(source wikipedia)

Image of garfish

Fishing garfish:
then you have to find a place that it is horngjell.

Garfish bite best on days there is plenty of sun. It is my afaring.

float / Dopp hook bait (mackerel)

Fishing Method:
You robes of about 1-2 meters with late, then add it away.
So fasten you briefly butting / Doppen on sena. So take the Senate that you put away to attach to the float / Doppen then attach to the hook on the other end of the Senate that you put away.

Do not use get large hook gets Garfish-one has a small mund :) You use long narrow agn.Så attach the hook.

Then you throw into the water so it's just waiting for a bite.

It is not easy to get it to sit on the hook so you comet enough to lose someone before you get it :) this fix is fun to see the play with bait behind Doppen.

Good Luck!

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