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fishing dogfish

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Dogfish (Squalus acanthias) is a shark fishing in håfamilien.

It has a 'spike on the front of each of the two dorsal fins, hence the name.

Pigghåen is our common shark species, widespread along the Norwegian coast. It lives at depths down to 400 m, and often occurs in shoals of several thousand individuals. It can be up to 120 cm long, and captured today mainly because of its tasty meat.
(Source wikipedia)

Image of dogfish

How to encrypt fishing for Dogfish:
Certain to fishing for dogfish so you must first find a space. Where there is Dogfish.

Sinker, hook, rubber slange.bærler and bait (mackerel or pollock)

Fishing method:
This is only a light through time,

Attaching query and cranny of the Senate, attaching the rubber hose on the Senate before the hook so that it sits right above the hook is before the Senate shall not uproot. You can also attach any pærler etc. on the Senate gets to anoyes fish more.

Before the shark has very sharp teeth so it can easily cloak sena right off. watch out. You use narrow long pieces of mackerel. and throws UTI and so there it just waiting for snatch .. shark is a fish night so the fish you most about the evening / night and the bitter best when it is high tide.

Good luck!

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