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Fishing cod in January

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Some info about cod
Cod (Gadus morhua) is the economically most important fish in the cod family.

He sym along total Norwegian coast, it sørlege Barents Sea, the North Sea and Skagerrak.

It fine-two species: vand rande oceanic cod or Norwegian Arctic cod, also called cod, and more or less confirmed slung cod. Fish Namnet is a samandraging of 'stockfish'

Ein has drive cod fishing along the Norwegian coast since the Stone Age.

It is known that the sailors had brought dried cod on long excursions, and already in the Viking Age exported Norwegians the dried fish to southern Europe, particularly to Spain and Italy.

This trade has been superimposed over a thousand years without breaches, and is still important. Stockfish is primarily produced in Lofoten, where fishing for spawning cod occurs at byrjinga of each year.
Since 1970 century has cod Vore regulated in Norway to avert overfishing, but also before that time held the Lofoten Act activity on the inner side of Lofoten.
(Source wikipedia)

Image of cod

Fishing cod.

Shown For large cod?
Then you have to go fishing in January and throughout the year.
When it comes in and spawn.

Fishing with mackerel, or shrimp as bait. You're welcome to wait long before the fish bites but it is not certain that you get fish. Hugs that it is you that will entice fish to bite on your hook. This can be a patience's try. Should you be lucky enough to catch a cod, then you succeed.

The cod has special spawning grounds, it is often the countries or totally inside the kelp, but remember you can easily snap sena in kelp.

You must clean the cod as soon as you get it. It can be worm in it and shown you do not clean it, come taste the meat.

Good Luck!

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