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fishing catfish

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Some info about catfish.

Stein Bits (Anarhichadidae) is a group perciformes. There are three species catfish in Norway, all of which have the characteristic broad, round head, large mouth with sharp teeth and thick, sticky skin.
The first two make good eating:

Catfish (Anarhichas lupus), up to 125 cm lang.Inneholder different good vitamins among others vitamin A and B12.

It is among the permanent fish among others suitable for grilling (unlike other fish that will of the stick, etc.)
Stain Catfish (Anarhichas minor), up to 180 cm.
Blåsteinbit (Anarhichas denticulatus), up to 140 cm.
(source wikipedia)

Image of catfish it is about 10Kg

 Fishing with shrimp as bait.

When fishing for catfish you must first find a place where there is catfish.

Search, hook, and bait (shrimp) and it can be a good thing to bring rubber mak / hose or stålfortome

Fishing method:
Attaching seek first saw the hook, then attach the shrimp with properly. då throws you into the water and let the sinker to the bottom. then tighten up sena bit so you just have to wait for it to twitch.

Catfish are very strong so it's really fun to have it on the hook. Show you get catfish so it is very important that you do not remove the hook with your fingers, it can bite off your fingers as you use a pinch pliers to remove the hook with.

NB but make sure pinch tanga is strong / good kind otherwise catfish bite it healthy.

Good Luck!

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